Posted by: Travis | March 2, 2008

Death Sucks

One of the older sisters of Rachel’s best friends died yesterday. Hayley was first diagnosed with lymphoma 2 years ago when a tumor the size of a grapefruit showed up on her hip. It disappeared after the first chemo treatment. A few months later it returned to her ovaries, but once again was completely gone after a round of chemo. Then it returned again to her spine. A few months ago the cancer returned in her bones. They got the cancer to disappear and had two bone marrow donors lined up to do a transplant after they got her fever to go down this week. Unfortunately the cancer returned to most parts of her body. Last we heard she was doing very well, then friday morning Rachel got a call informing her that she was suddenly in really bad shape and wasn’t expected to last much longer. Saturday they took her off of the antibiotics and she lasted until Saturday evening.

She was only 33 and is leaving behind her husband and 2 year old daughter. Rachel will be going back home this week to attend services. It just one of those situations that just makes you want to vomit. Kind of makes everything else feel pretty trivial.


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