Posted by: Travis | May 29, 2008

Memorial Day Weekend

I haven’t got much time, so i will do my best to keep this one short and sweet. Memorial Day Weekend was pretty freakin sweet.

We started out going to an MLS game on Thursday night which i wrote about here. It was lots of fun.

Friday night we went to a restaurant in Palo Alto called Vino Locale, where we enjoyed a flight of some local Pinot Noirs from the Santa Cruz mountains (Napa and Sonoma don’t count as local at this laid back winebar) and enjoyed a crostini sampler and panini for dinner. They are a certified Slow Food restaurant so our relatively simple dinner took upwards of 2 hours. It was nice, but it sure is hard to have a bunch of glasses of wine on your table and try to not finish them until the food comes. We’ll definitely be going back, but not when we need to get in and out quickly.

Saturday morning we woke up early and headed off down the coast on Highway 1 toward our friends Bruce and Grace’s orange grove just north of San Luis Obispo. We stopped on the way down at Hearst Castle because Rachel had never been. That place sure is impressive. After that we drove over to Bruce and Grace’s place and cooked home made pizzas, drank wine, and stayed up late talking before retiring to the guest house.

Sunday we woke up and had a pretty lazy morning: at cold pizza for breakfast, sat around reading the paper, catching up on local and national news, did some reading outside, etc. Then we headed into San Luis Obispo for the afternoon just to hang out and walk around. We hit the original Jamba Juice (Rachel is a big fan), and made a stop at Boo Boo’s records for some new music. On the way back we stopped in Morro Bay at the famous Taco Temple for lunch. Despite getting there at 1:30 we still had to wait 45 minutes for a table. It sure has come along way from the taco stand i remember on the beach in Cayucos. For the drive in Bruce and Grace allowed us to borrow their Prius because Rachel has become more and more interested in them as a replacement for her Karmann Ghia (it wouldn’t be a replacement because we would keep it for driving around on nice sunday afternoons, but it would no longer be an every day driver). It really feels like a car of the future. That evening some friends of Bruce and Grace’s came over and we had steak and once again stayed up late talking and drinking wine.

Monday we got up and Grace took us flying in the Cessna that they are part owners of. It was really neat. There were a few moments early on when we hit turbulence on the way up when i thought about the fact that i was basically sitting in a beer can 8,000 feet off the ground, but after realizing that we were in a glider with an engine i convinced myself that there was no way we could just fall out of the sky and i was able to relax and really enjoy it. Grace even let me fly for a bit. Rachel’s dad owns a plane that needs some work before it can fly again, but that’s definitely something i would be interested is pursuing later on in life. I guess just add that to the list of things i want to do in life: get a pilots license. Seeing the coast from above was really really neat.

After the flight we went on a hike with Bruce up Mt. Madonna to stoke our appetites. After about 2 hours of strenuous hiking we dropped into SLO for lunch at a popular burger place and filled up before saying goodbye and heading home. It really was a blast. I have 2 albums of pictures on facebook, one you can find here, the other here.

Monday night Ryan stayed at our place on the way back down to Houston for the summer. Though i didn’t get to spend much time with him because he was trying to make it back in 3 short days, it was still nice to see him.



  1. if you have any photos of your trip we appreciate uploads and comments at our blog about the Cambria, San Simeon area that your described…Hearst Castle..thanks

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