Posted by: Travis | August 11, 2008

I may suck at swimming but…

Did you watch the mens’ 4 X 100m freestyle relay last night? Holy crap! Rachel and i were screaming, it was absolutely insane. Pat Forde fo ESPN wrote a great article about that includes most of what you need to know to get caught up on the back story, but you really have to watch the video to see how close this thing was. NBC, in their infinite wisdom has pulled all the videos of the instant classic from youtube (and other free video sites) so the only place you can see it is at, where you will of course have to download some plug in from microsoft. Because you know that NBC will never let what the Olympics are really about (competition, national pride, and seeing people who have worked their butts off for four years just to compete for few minutes of glory put it all on the line) get in the way of making some money. Who in the world are these party poopers?

On a totally different note, i sucked it up and went on my first group bike ride since the disaster when Rachel and i got shelled attempting to do the Alto Velo ride last march that i detailed here. I decided to go out with a local triathlon shop on their 40 mile group ride on saturday morning. Despite having far and away the cheapest bike in the group, i was able to hang on easily and spent most of my time up near the front of the group. Then after about 30 miles i pushed it a little too hard going up a hill, the group split, and i got caught in no man’s land with nothing left in the tank. I got dropped, but i’m pretty certain it was because i had pretty crappy legs that day and it was a bone headed move to push so hard up the hill when i was still 15 miles from home. I told them to go ahead, so they rode off and i rode home.

It looks like i’ve found the group i’ll be riding with for a while on Saturdays. The group was small (they usually have 8-12 riders) and everyone was really friendly. We slowly worked our way up to a quck pace, spending the first 15-20 minutes going slow and chatting it up while our legs got warmed up. I much prefer that to going super hard right off the bat, its really a shock to the system. This is how i’ll be spending my saturday mornings as summer fades into fall. We’ll see how my fitness comes along, come spring or winter i may need to find a group thats a bit faster and hits the major hills, but for now this should work. I’ll be challenged, but i should be able to hang on.

Next saturday’s mission: ride smart, and don’t get dropped!


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