Posted by: Travis | August 20, 2008

My 2 cents on VP’s

Word on the street is that Obama has made his VP selection and will be making an announcement no later that this Sunday. Now, i haven’t been paying as much attention to politics lately as i was during the primary, but i’ve got this here soap box, so i might as well give my two cents.

Up until the Edwards affair thing i was thinking John Edwards was the guy for Obama. He’s experinced without feeling like an experienced double crossing politician. He also helps Obama in the white, blue collar places like Ohio and PA where Obama has problems and Hillary was so strong. Now with the affair i’d say that choice is out the window. Sure, it doesn’t make him any less capable of doing the job, but for the Dems, who have been playing catch up on family values stuff for as long as i can remember, it seems a bit like shooting yourself in the foot to me. Im pretty sure it ain’t happening.

Al Gore‘s name has also been tossed around. I’m also saying no on this one. I see him getting a cabinet position where he can focus on climate change, but i think he’s too far removed from politics at this point to be VP.

Hillary also is not going to happen. Sure, she helps him with women and blue collar voters, but the primary got pretty nasty and there’s just too much bad blood between them.

Tim Kaine and Evan Bayh have both ben mentioned as front runners recently, but i’m also saying no on these two. Both of them seem to be selections that, like Edwards, would go after white, blue collar voters (they’re from Virginia and Indiana). I think if he picks one of them, we’ll know that he really wanted Edwards, but couldn’t because he pulled a Bill Clinton. I don’t know a whole lot about either one of them, so i don’t have a super concrete answer as to why i don’t think either wil get picked, just a gut feeling really.

Now it gets interesting. If Obama plays it safe, he’ll pick Joe Biden. The guy has foreign policy experience out the wazoo. He’s also an entrenched, experienced deomocrat, which could be a good thing is Obama is trying to get rid of his experience problem, but definitely bad if he’s trying to play the whole ‘new politics’ thing. I think Biden will probably be Obama’s choice, but i don’t really think its the right choice.

So who do i think is the right choice? I’m going with Kansas Governor, Kathleen Sebelius. Having a woman will help bring some of the dejected Hillary supporters back and show that Obama isn’t the sexist pig they accuse him of being because he ran for president against a woman. Although, some of them would see it as pandering to them and just get more upset. Sebelius is also southern and could help with the white, working class vote. She has a long history of working across the aisle to get stuff done in the notoriously diffucult state of Kansas (if you haven’t read What’s the matter with Kansas, i highly recommend it, very interesting read). She also is not a Wasington insider and keeps the whole ‘new politics’ image alive. If Obama takes a chance and swings for the fences, i think (and hope) that Sebelius will be his pick.

I guess there are a few others that could come out of left field (Bill Richardson maybe?), but i’m pretty certain that the VP will come from this group. Then again, this is totally just conjecture, and i don’t really know what the hell i’m talking about.

As far as McCain goes, i’m really just shooting into the dark. I think Huckabee is a little too much of a loose cannon who runs the risk of saying something stupid without thinking about it. Sure he brings back the evangelical vote, but lets be honest, the guy said some really crazy stuff in the primary.

Joe Lieberman is another potential pick because he and McCain are such buds, and it would look like another episode of McCain reaching accross the aisle to get stuff done. The problem is that Lieberman isn’t the guy he was in 2000, he’s become a nut case that no one in the democratic party likes anymore, always mouthing off about something. Democrats see Lieberman as an ass, and republicans see him as not a republican, so i think it becomes a lose-lose for McCain.

Mitt Romney is probably the safest pick at the moment. He’s a sucessful business man who’s good on the economy, where McCain is weak. He’s socially conservative but not too much so, and doesn’t run the risk of saying something really stupid out on the campaign trail like the Huckster and Lieberman. Sure, he’s morman, but up against a guy like Obama, i think Republicans will be able to get over it by November.

There is the possibility that McCain would pick a more hard line conservative to pick up the vote of Republicans who are dissatisfied with McCain getting the nomination. I don’t really know who that would be though. I guess we should see soon.


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