Posted by: Travis | September 26, 2008

Presidential Debate Numero Uno

Well, honestly, that was a bit of a sleeper. It didn’t contain half the excitement of the democratic debates of a few months ago. Cutting it from 90 minutes to 60 would have been fine with me.

Foreign policy (the topic of this debate) is obviously John McCain’s strong point, so this was his debate to really ‘draw contrasts’ (i hate that term), and pull away in the polls. I thought he failed to do that. He didn’t fall on his face, but he certainly didn’t knock it out of the park either.

I feel about the same with Obama. He’ll get a higher grade because this is McCain’s forte, but he didn’t do tremendously well either. I thought he was a little bit too laid back and not agressive enough. It truly is a shame that he has to be worried about being seen as an ‘angry black man’. At this point, most of the country is pissed off, why can’t he be…even just a little.

John McCain came off like a condescending, crotchety old man to me. How many times did he say “Senator Obama just doesn’t understand”? I counted at least 7 or 8 times. I recognize that he is trying to paint Obama as a lightweight with no experience, but with Palin as the other person on the ticket, that might not be such a good idea. Also, in times when being an elitist intellectualis about as bad as being a terrorist, you’d think that such language would be avoided. It certainly wasn’t a racism thing, but i’ll be interested to see if anyone mentions that in this weekend’s op/ed pages.

Even though i was a bit bored at the end, i really liked the open format. I thought Jim Lehrer did a good job moderating, let the candidates go when he felt necessary, avoided pointed questions, and reeled them back in when things got out of control. You can’t really ask much more of a moderator.

Next week is the VP debate. It should be much more entertaining. I’ve already set the DVR to record it.

Oh, totally unrelated, but after having chili oil in some form at several different restaurants over the last few weeks i finally decided to make some. Turns out it’s really easy: put a bunch of olive oil in a sauce pan, add 1.5 table spoons of crushed red peppers, het to 180 degrees, let cool, put in a bottle. Its great on pizza, pasta, and other goodies. Even just pouring some out on a plate and soaking it up with a piece of bread is just delightful.

So there you go. You get a bit of Jon Stewart followed by a bit of Martha Stewart, aren’t you lucky?


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