Posted by: Travis | October 9, 2008

Presidential Debate #2

This one was another sleeper. I thought the townhall format really constrained things and just kept the candidates reciting talking points we’ve all heard before and avoiding substanive debate.

Why was John McCain walking around so much? There was one point where Obama was answering a question off to the side and McCain was just walking around up near Brokaw, it was very strange. I understand that his barstool was a little high for him, he seemed determined to keep his feet on the ground when sitting on it, which just made him look shorter and more awkward, but getting up and walking around struck me a really weird. And next time McCain says the words ‘my friends’ my reflexes might just lead me to punch someone.

I thought McCain’s ‘that one’ comment was really strange, but i don’t find it nearly as offensive as some other people do. Weather he meant it to have racial undertones or not, it was still a dumb thing to say, and he should know that people are going to be over analyzing everything he says looking for that. I found his snarky comments when it wasn’t his turn, sarcastic laughs, lame attempts and humor and blatant flirting with Tom Brokaw were also really strange.

With the Republicans turning up the heat recently, it really feels like they’ve backed them selves into a corner and are starting to freak out. Video of people at rallies yelling ‘treason’, ‘terrorist’, and ‘kill him’ in reference to Obama are really scary. Both McCain and Palin should have stopped and said something about going too far, but i’m not really surprised they didn’t. The next few weeks are going to get really ugly. If Hillary threw the kitchen sink in the spring, the the Republicans are about to throw the stove, dishwasher, fridge, oven, microwave, toaster, coffee maker, and blender too. I honestly expected more fireworks last night from McCain. Either he’s trying to let his surrogates make those arguments for him to keep him from looking like a sleazeball going back on his word to keep things clean, or he’s too much of a coward to say that stuff to Obama’s face. I was really hoping things weren’t going to come to this, but it looks like this is going to get even worse before it gets better.

I didn’t think Obama knocked it out of the park by any means. He just needed to hold serve and he did slightly better than that. McCain needed to really have a great debate (and this was his preferred format), but he failed to pull the trigger on his sharpest attacks, something most conservative bloggers are furious with him about, and just recited his talking points about spending and taxes. He needed a game changer, but going into this dabate with the same game plan as the first one produced similar results.


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