Posted by: Travis | October 9, 2008

Ready for the Windy City to Blow my Mind

Rachel and i are leaving this afternoon for an extended weekend in Chicago to visit one of her best friends from high school who lives there. Many of you probably heard my complaints or read here about my last trip to ‘Chicago’ for an aerospace conference last April that was actually a trip to Schaumburg, a boring suburb of Chicago. I never saw downtown Chicago on that trip (my first to the area), it was cold and rainy the whole time, and we didn’t rent a car, so i never got tot leave the hotel. To get that close to a city that i’ve heard is so cool, and then to miss by thaaaaat much was massively dissapointing. I was pretty bummed and promised to get back sometime soon. Well, exactly 6 months later, here we are, finally making that trip, and i couldn’t be more excited.

The plan is to spend Friday doing some touristy stuff and getting that over with, then spend saturday at a more moderate pace, catch some of the Red River Rivalry (Texas-OU football game), and maybe go apple picking.

I’ve been doing some restaurant research and have found some good looking places.

  • Bin 36 – a casual wine bar with good food
  • Avec – small plates place specializing in Italian, French, Spanish, and Portuguese food and wine
  • Spacca Napoli – traditional Italian thin crust pizzas cooked in a super hot oven
  • Hot Doug’s – a famous gourmet hot dog stand known for having hot dogs topped with things like truffles and foie gras.

I was hoping to get to Alinea on this trip, but i didn’t jump on getting reservations early enough, so that will have to wait for a future trip. Rachel is a huge Cubs fan so i was also hoping that the Cubs would still be in the playoffs and we could get some tickets to a game at Wrigley, but they rolled over and played dead against the Dodgers, getting sweapt so thats no longer an option. They sure looked like the team os destiny for a while there, winning the world series on the 100th anniversary of their last world series win seemed like too good of a story to not happen, but now they look like the team destined never to win a world series ever again.

There are a bunch of other fine dining spots that i’d like to get to eventually (L20, Mercat, Everest, Tru, Moto, Table 52, Spiaggia, Sepia, The Gage, Frontera Grill, Custom House, Bonsoiree, Takashi, Blackbird, Trotter’s), but with us saving up for a car, airfare for Thanksgiving and Christmas being ridiculous, and us only being 23, i think its best that we save all that stuff for future trips.

Anyway, i’m really excited. I’ve never been to Chicago, but i’ve been wanting to go for a very long time. Should be a blast.


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