Posted by: Travis | January 25, 2009

Lazy Sunday

Skipped the crit today because it was soupy and raining. I figure doing 10 laps flying around a small course at 25mph with 50 of my closest friends is enough of a risk. No need to add slick streets and rain to the mix, might as well hold the race on a hockey rink. Call me a wuss, or whatever to want, i don’t care. I know you can’t win if you don’t play, but i’ll also be going to bed tonight with all the skin that i woke up with.

It rained yesterday too. And the day before that.

Friday night we went out for Pho (Vietnamese beef soup served HUGE bowls), one of those perfect foods for nasty, rainy, cold weather.  I always thought California would have better Vietnamese food than Houston. Unless i’ve been looking in the wrong places, that notion is completely false. All you people in Houston, appreciate your awesome Vietnamese places. Hit them up regularly for banh mi, pho, vermicelli, and spring rolls among other things. I love how fresh and clean Vietnamese food is. Its definitely one of my favorites.

After the pho outing we went straight home, went elastic (replaced jeans with sweat pants or pajama pants), and caught up on our Netflix queue.

Ditto for Saturday: sleep in, go look at a couple of houses, return home and just hang out all day reading books. Casual dinner of tacos, catch up on tv recorded on the DVR, go to bed early.

Instead of the crit this morning we got up, hit the farmer’s market, finished the rest of our grocery shopping and then headed up to San Mateo for brunch at Gator’s Neo Soul Food, where Rachel has been dying to go since we discovered it a few weeks ago. Rachel got chicken and waffles, i had fried catfish with poached eggs and grits. It’s always nice to find places like that that give you a little taste of home. Back to yogurt and granola for me.

After brunch we went back home and just vegged for most of the rest of the day reading books we’ve had on our lists for a while. The sun came out briefly and i tried to go for a bike ride, but i got to the base of the Santa Cruz mountains and it started raining again so i turned around and booked it home. Mileage for the day: a pathetic 12 miles.

Occasionally it’s good to have weekends like this, where we hide from the nasty weather and just recharge our batteries a bit. It’s certainly not something i’d like to do every weekend, but as crazy as our schedule can be on weekends, the opportunity to just stop for two days and recharge helps keep you sane.

Hopefully next weekend i can get back out and log some serious miles on my bike.


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