Posted by: Travis | February 13, 2009

My head just might explode

Things are a little bit crazy right now. The 9 stage Tour of California bike race starts tomorrow in Sacramento and brings the world’s best cyclists to our area. The finalists for this years James Beard awards were just announced (foodie stuff). Rachel’s mom, Cathy, is coming to visit us for about 10 days starting tomorrow. I’m doing a bike race tomorrow morning that i didn’t know i was doing until yesterday. And to top things off, i’ve been designing hardware like mad at work. This is nuts, my head just might explode. I’ve got lots to talk about (most of it i’ve already written, i just need to post it), so i think the most efficient way of doing this is to split things up in and ‘General Update’ entry, a ‘Beard Award’ entry, and a ‘Tour of California’ entry.

Right now, you find yourself in the general update category.

Tonight Rachel and i are going on our Valentine’s day date. We’re going to a restaurant in Mountain View called the Cantankerous Fish, which is up there on the list of coolest restaurant names i’ve ever heard. I’ve been wanting to go sense we found out about it shortly after moving here, but just haven’t had a chance. For those of you who are wondering, yes, it is a seafood restaurant, and yes, Rachel has agreed to go there, in fact, she suggested it. This is what we call progress. Just a few days ago she wolfed down some Halibut i sauteed with a sweet and spicy crushed pecan crust. When we started dating and i was in the smitten phase, i remember my parents asking me if there was anything about this new girl that i didn’t like. My response? She hates eating fish. Well, i’m proud report that Operation Get Rachel to Like Fish is underway and seems to be progressing nicely. She’s become a huge fan of any fried seafood, especially good calamari. I think she likes fish an chips more than i do. Mild white fish is also on the go list, especially if it has a good sauce on it. The not-so-white fish are next (mostly salmon and tuna), but sushi is still pretty far out on the horizon. But progress is being made.

Last night i picked up my new racing kit (uniform) for my Alto Velo cycling team, and it looks pretty bad ass if i do say so myself. I got 2 pair of shorts, 2 jerseys, and a gilet (French for wind breaker vest). So now instead of racing in an old ratty jersey and plain black cycling shorts, i’ll be all kitted out with matching shorts and jersey. I really shouldn’t be so excited about this, but i am. Just be thankful that i didn’t go all out with my clothing order. I decided to skip out on the team gloves, socks, aero skinsuit, thermal jacket, aero shoe covers, and other accessories.

I just found out yesterday that i’m going to be racing tomorrow morning in the San Jose Classic Downtown crit. Rachel’s mom is coming to town for 10 days and her flight gets in at 10am tomorrow. I thought for sure there was no way i was going to be able to race and get over there to pick her up. But, they just released the schedule and it turns out that my race will be over by 9:00, giving us plenty of time to get to the airport to pick Cathy up. I’m really excited. The crit is in downtown San Jose, right in front of city hall, instead of the business park setting where most crits are held (easy to close down on the weekends). Not only that, but in this race the E5’s (previously Cat5’s or beginners, the newest guys to racing) will be racing with the E4’s, or the guys one step above E5 in experience. At the end of this race i’ll have enough upgrade points to upgrade to E4, so it will be nice to race an E4 race to see if i’m ready to move up. The main sponsor of our club, Webcor Builders is also the title sponsor of this crit, and apparently registration numbers have been low, so they sent out an email this week asking as many people in the club as possible to get out and race to put on a good showing for our sponsor. The only problem is the weather forecast: currently for 40 degrees and raining. Now, i can do the cold, and i can do the rain, but both at the same time really sucks. However, since this is my last race for a few weeks, i’m willing to get in and mix it up. Not such a good training week though, so the current plan is to just sit and race more for experience than for a result. Although i can’t help but laugh at that last sentence. The last time i went into a race with that mind set i was in the break away or on the front for most of the race. I guess we’ll see. As long as i leave with all my skin and don’t tear up my brand new kit, i’m a happy camper.

After the race we’ll be running by the apartment to drop off my bike and hopefully take a quick shower, then run to the airport to pick Cathy up at SFO. The plan is to then go to the Ferry Building farmers market, eat lunch there, maybe do a little hanging out, and then drive back to Belmont, where Rachel’s aunt and uncle live to hang out for the remainder of the day. I imagine we’ll do quite a bit of that over the next 10 days or so.

Hopefully it will be a relaxed few days. It’s always nice to see Cathy (and Tyson too, even though he wasn’t able to make this trip), and hanging out at Mark and Pam’s is always a good time.

Race reports and pictures should be up Saturday or Sunday. Over and out.


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