Posted by: Travis | March 17, 2009

Truckee Weekend

Last weekend Rachel and i went with her aunt and uncle (Mark and Pam) to visit a friend of theirs who has a place up in Truckee (North Lake Tahoe). We took off after work on Friday, which was a crappy idea, but we really didn’t have a choice. With no traffic the drive can be done in under 4 hours, but on Friday afternoon in the Bay Area, you can believe there was lots of traffic. It took us over 3 hours just to get to Davis, where we couldn’t stand the sight of brake lights any longer and pulled over to get burgers at a college bar. Going to a college bar when you’re 24 is weird. I kept telling myself ‘these kids are way too young to drink, they’re just kids!’. After a quick burger and a beer, we hopped back in the car and finished up the drive up to Truckee. We left at 5:00 and didn’t arrive until 11:30. It was pretty brutal. I don’t mind long drives, but long drives in never ending traffic drive me nuts.

The next morning we got up, said hi to everyone, made some breakfast, and then Rachel and I headed over to Squaw Valley (about 30 minutes away) for a day of skiing. Squaw hosted the 1960 Winter Olympics, and is Rachel’s Dad, Tyson’s favorite place to ski in the country. He was so excited we were going that he called us 3 times before we even got over there to ski. I had high expectations and it definitely lived up to them. It was certainly a very cool place to ski. Not only that but it felt a little bit more mellow than Heavenly (the only other Tahoe resort we’ve skied), which was much to our liking. After skiing our asses off for the day and hitting almost ever lift the place has to offer, we realized our skiing was getting sloppy and it was time to head back before one of us got hurt.

We got back and had a huge dinner of grilled tri-tip. After that a few of us stayed up to kill what was left of the wine we had for dinner and watch Caddy Shack. I forgot what a great movie that is.

Sunday it was up for a light breakfast and just some mellow hanging out time. I put the finishing touches on my training plan for the rest of the year. We then chopped up the left over tri-tip for Uncle Marky’s famous tacos. I had to make sure and limit myself, or the 4 hour drive home was going to be torture.

We left shortly after lunch and it started snowing. Luckily the stressful driving in miserable conditions only lasted about 45 minutes, and from there the driving was a piece of cake. It was the first time i’d driven the Subaru in snow though (come to think of it, the first time i’ve driven in snow at all), and it held up like a champ. No wonder you see them all over the place in Colorado, and other places that have to deal with snow.

On the way back we made a point to stop in Fairfield to check out the Jelly Belly factory and pick up a bag of Belly Flops (bags of reject jelly beans that don’t pass quality control because they are shaped funny). Upon returning we got a visit from Ryan and some of his friends from Reed on their way down to Big Sur to go backpacking during spring break. We’ll get a more extended visit with him next weekend.

You can check out the pictures from the weekend here. That’s about all, another fantastic weekend in the books. Now it’s time to go back to work for the week so we can keep having fun weekends.

By the way, the housing search is going well. We’ve got a place that we made an offer on that we really like. Hopefully in a month or so we’ll have some good news to report.


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