Posted by: Travis | March 23, 2009

Official Training Week #1 is in the books!

My first training week since implementing the new plan i concocted last week is officially in the books, folks!

Because i wasn’t able to do the training plan when i should have, back around thanksgiving/christmas, i had to freestyle things a little bit. For now i’ve opted to stop racing for a while and revert back what’s called the ‘base’ period where the focus is on mostly long, low intensity work outs building endurance. Honestly, it feels kind of weird to go out on my bike and force myself to not go very hard. It’s a skill i haven’t yet mastered. I’ll lose focus and find myself gritting my teeth, pushing hard, trying to get my heart rate up and my legs burning, only to realize that i need to stop, chill out, and keep it mellow to build my fitness for later. It sounds counter intuitive, but if you will stick with me through the lame metaphor, bike racing fitness is a house. Right now i’m just building the foundation. In a number of weeks i’ll be putting up the framework with some mid level intensity work, sheet rock with some harder workouts, and finally decorate (my favorite!) and paint with some gut busting interval workouts. Before i was trying to decorate and sheet rock a vacant lot, so when i tried to race, my house fell apart. I also hit the weight room for the first time with a structured plan, and guess what? I went a little too hard. Anyway here’s how it went:

Monday (3/16): Hit the Stanford weight room with Rachel. Started off with 15 minutes on the treadmill. I miss running. But not enough to do it instead of riding. I focussed on doing low weight, high rep exercises to build lean muscle. Did squats, leg presses, lat pull downs, leg extensions and curls, sitting row, standing row, and ab twist crunches. It was great to walk into a weight room and actually have some idea of what i was doing. Unfortunately i got a little overzealous, set the weights too high and really over did it. However, before i could tell how worn out i was i engaged Rachel in a little box jumping competition. I was sore in a good way when i went to bed, but couldn’t sleep very well when my back tightened up and put me in some pretty serious pain. I spent Tuesday-Thursday walking around like an old man, and it was Saturday before i was really pain free. Next time i’ll go a little easier. Maybe i should do an ice bath or something when i get back from the weight room to help my muscles recover and not get so tight.

Tuesday (3/17): I woke up Tuesday morning feeling like i got hit by a truck so i took the day off from exercise.

Wednesday (3/18): Did a 2 hour easy ride out to Canada Rd, about 30 miles. Luckily, on the bike is one of the only times my back doesn’t hurt.

Thursday (3/19): Did an hour tempo ride at moderate pace (about 16 miles), then hopped on the stationary trainer for about 30 minutes working on leg speed drills doing spin ups and one legged pedaling.

Friday (3/20): Hour and a half easy ride out to the foothills of the Santa Cruz Mountains, through Woodside and Portola Valley. About 25 miles.

Saturday (3/21): Storm was supposed to be hitting around noon to i took off early for an hour and a half long climbing (my weakness) ride up Old La Honda and then back home, pretty hard intensity. Completed OLH in 26 minutes, which isn’t close to my best time, but much better than the lackluster 30 minute times i’ve been turning in lately. Top of Old La Honda was cold, foggy, and rainy, so it was a race back home to beat the storm. Didn’t get too wet.

Sunday (3/22): Supposed to be rainy and gross, but by 3:00 the rain had cleared and the roads had dried a bit. Headed out with Rachel for an easy 3 hour ride that got cut short to about 1:45 because of the insane wind. It was one of the windiest days i’ve ever ridden. Almost ate it a few times going down hill when a gust of wind almost took out my front wheel. After that we tried to stay on smaller, wooded roads that would be shielded from the wind. After we got back, i hopped on the trainer for another hour and watched recordings of Austin City Limits (Old Crow Medicine Show) and the Daily Show from last week.

Total Mileage: 130

Training Time: 9:30


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