Posted by: Travis | April 14, 2009

Weekend Update

It’s amazing what a little planning can do to boost the efficiency of a weekend. Rachel and i got a ton of stuff done. We had a ton of fun, but by Sunday night, i was totally wiped out.

After making an offer on a house in late February we are slowly but surely making progress on getting a deal hammered out (and by ‘we’ i mean the negotiator we hired to work with the banks that own the property on our behalf). Hopefully we should have the final word on whether or not both banks except our offer by the end of the week. While we’re thankful that this ‘economic tsunami’ or whatever other boogeyman terms you want to use has provided us the opportunity to buy a house that we wouldn’t have been able to afford had prices not been cut in half compared to two years ago, this whole process of buying property from a bank has been really slow and tedious. I certainly wouldn’t recommend it.

This weekend we’re planning on flying up to Portland after work on Friday to go visit my brother, Ryan, for a a few days. Rachel’s never been to Portland, so it should be fun. At the moment there’s beautiful weather forecast for Saturday and Sunday. Uh-oh, i may have just jinxed it. Portland is one of my favorite cities in the country, so the combination of being there, seeing Ryan, and getting to show Rachel and city she’s never been to looks like a recipe for a great weekend. Can’t wait!

Here’s the run down of last weekend’s activities (a few pictures and more details to come whenever i get some time to write):

Friday, April 10 (Rachel’s Birthday)

  • Bike ride
  • Dinner at Uncle Frank’s BBQ
  • Rachel and Travis ‘Mini Masters’ Putt-Putt Tournament at Malibu Grand Prix

Saturday, April 11

  • Hoot Judkins Furniture (Redwood City) on our way up to San Francisco
  • Dynamo Doughnuts for breakfast (Maple Apple Bacon, Orange Ginger, and Banana de Leche doughnuts, delicious)
  • Delores Park, my favorite park in SF, where we sat on a blanket to eat said doughnuts and then hung out for a few minutes
  • Lynn Antiques and Beautiful things – we were looking for some decent antique shops in the area where we might buy some ‘pieces’ when we finally get a house in which to put them. Maybe Rachel is just really efficient and easy to deal with, but going to antique shops with her wasn’t nearly as bad as other guys make it out to be.
  • Noe Valley Pet Company – just stopped in because it was across the street from Lynn Antiques, looked cute, and was full of Noe Valley residents with dogs in tow.
  • Omnivore Books – awesome bookstore dedicated completely to cookbooks new and old. We found an Alice Waters signed cookbook for Rachel’s chef aunt, along with some other cool stuff. They have a bunch of talks and seminars with Bay Area and even some nationally known chefs. This place is tiny, but is quite a gem.
  • Past Perfect – consignment antique shop, wreaked of Clinique ‘Happy’
  • Bike Nut – cool bike shop
  • Kamei Restaurant Supply – crazy Asian-centric restaurant supply store with ridiculously cheap prices. We got a set of 10 really nice chop sticks here for $2. Tons of really neat and inexpensive dishes.
  • Underdog – we grabbed lunch at this hippie place that does organic encased meats, it was REALLY tasty
  • Grand Central Station Antiques – another antique shop, this one was huge
  • Economy Restaurant Supply – this place was crazy! It’s loaded with huge industrial mixers, big fryers, industrial 12 burner stoves, huge ice makers, etc. The only problem was that everything was really expensive. I got the impression this is where most of the restaurants in SF come to get their stuff.
  • Forest Restaurant Supply – Kind of a mix between Kamei and Economy. It was still Asian-centric, but not nearly as much as Kamei. Prices were really cheap. Example: fryer basket i saw at Economy – $68, the exact same fryer basket at Forest was $16. Whoa.
  • Phat Philly – Rachel and i split a combo (onions, peppers, mushrooms, and cheddar beer sauce) philly cheesesteak and an order of waffle fries covered with cheddar beer sauce for dinner. Oh man, was it tasty.
  • Grocery shopping at Trader Joe’s / Whole Foods
  • Read a book
  • Bed time

Sunday, April 12

  • Bike ride, Old La Honda
  • See old lady crossing the street flip someone off and then yell profanities at them on our way to chruch (that this happened on our way to church on Easter Sunday made this even more awesome).
  • Easter service at Church
  • Cook Easter brunch of steamed artichokes, deviled eggs (made from the eggs Rachel forced me to dye upon returning from my bike ride), BLT’s
  • Surfing at Half Moon Bay, it got cloudy, foggy, windy, and cold about 45 minutes after we got in the water so we didn’t last too long after that
  • Dinner at Gordon Biersch (they sent Rachel a buy 1 entree get one free coupon for her birthday), that have really good burgers and garlic fries, and great beer.
  • Watch Paris-Roubaix
  • Read a book
  • Bed time

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