Posted by: Travis | May 4, 2009

Weekend Update #549264575937547

My parents were here this weekend visiting from Wednesday night through Sunday morning, and despite the crappy weather (it rained all day Friday, Saturday, and Sunday), my Dad being sick the whole time, and a disappointing meal at Gary Danko, we still had one hell of a good time.

Thursday Rachel and i were busy at work and unable to take off work so my parents amused themselves on foot around Palo Alto.

Friday Rachel and i took the day off and we stayed South, leisurely making our way over to Santa Cruz and then working our way up the coast for lunch in Half Moon Bay. We were planning on a little hike to go see famed surf spot, Mavericks, but the rain thwarted those plans. We tracked back through the Santa Cruz mountains and made a stop at the Thomas Fogarty Winery for a little free wine tasting action, then got cleaned up for dinner at Gary Danko.

My Dad and i picked Gary Danko for our ‘nice dinner’ because it is not only one of the best restaurants in San Francisco, but widely regarded and the most consistent. And since we only get a few meals together per year, it’s important that we make them count. I’m not sure if we caught them on a bad night or if this was an ’emperor has no clothes’ moment, but it just wasn’t that great. The service may have been stellar, but when flavors are dull and don’t pop, and beef tenderloin tastes more like ground chuck, something is seriously wrong. It was a massively disappointing meal, and though i know i shouldn’t, i still feel awful about it.

Saturday we hit the Ferry Building Farmer’s market, then cruised over to the North Bay to hang out in Mill Valley and hit our favorite pizza spot, Pizzeria Picco, which was easily the food highlight of the weekend. That place never ceases to disappoint. Following that we went back into San Francisco and spent the afternoon showing off the Castro, Delores Park, and Noe Valley before grabbing a delicious dinner at A16.

By Sunday morning the visit was quickly coming to a close so we grabbed some breakfast and then headed to the airport. They were here for 4 days, but it felt like no more than 2. C’est la vie, i guess. As soon as we got home from the airport Rachel hopped in bed, exhausted, for a 2 hour nap. Following that, it was the usual drill of grocery shopping, laundry, and a Target run that a Sunday would fee empty without.

It’s going to be a busy week so i think it might be a while before i get the Pig Party post up. I’ve got my first bike race since March 8 planned for this weekend. I wasn’t happy with my fitness so i decided to stop racing and go back to base training and build some endurance before starting to race again. At this point i don’t see myself getting a great result (by building endurance i haven’t been doing much high intensity work so my top end speed isn’t great right now), but what i’m really looking for is to brush off my pack skills and get comfortable in a race situation again. I’ve got my first road race next weekend and i didn’t want to go in cold, so i’ll be using this weekend’s crit as more of a warm up for next weekend’s road race. I’m hoping the weather clears up and that i don’t come down with whatever it was that my Dad had when he was up here visiting, so that i can get a good training week in.

We’re running with the lean and mean crew at the office today and tomorrow because some people are out at a conference. Hopefully i’ll be able to take advantage of a quiet office and finish up my monthly reports for April and maybe even get my desk organized (i’ve got 7 piles of loose paper going right now that are getting a little out of control).

Just an update on the house: WaMu is being really difficult. We’re still conident that we can hammer out a deal, but it’s going to take longer than we thought. No wonder these guys went bankrupt.


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