Posted by: Travis | May 8, 2009

This week, this weekend, and beyond.

This week has been a little tough. My Dad had a really bad cold when he and my Mom came up to visit last weekend. Despite moderate efforts to avoid sharing wine glasses, food, utensils, close contact, etc, i still got sick. I worked from home Wednesday and Thursday to avoid getting other people at the office sick. Because all of my symptoms and discomfort was from the shoulders up i stuck to my plan of having a hard training week on the bike. With the bike race i’m doing tomorrow in Pleasanton, i really needed a tough week to get my legs ready for some high intensity racing. Today i’m going back to work and can’t begin to describe how happy i am that i won’t be sick for the crit.

For now, the plan is to use the crit as a warm up for next weekend’s road race in Modesto. I just need to sit in the group, up near the front, get comfortable racing in a big group at high speeds again, and not get hurt. A finish with the group is all i’m really looking for. If for some reason i jump in a break away in the second or third lap, i’m a total bonehead.

As i mentioned, next week is a 63 mile road race in Modesto. It’s really the race i’m concerned about as it will be my first road race and endurance is not really my thing. Luckily the course is supposed to be pretty flat, so i’m hoping it will be a nice introduction to road racing. The course is 7 laps of a 9 mile course, totaling 63 miles, meaning that the two water bottles i can carry on my bike will likely not be enough. To deal with that dilemma, Rachel will be acting as my soigneur, sitting in the feed zone with extra water bottles to hand me as we ride through the designated feed zone every lap. We’ll have to practice the hand off a little bit next week. Should be interesting.

Tonight we’ll be going to a new gastro-pub, Martin’s West that opened yesterday in Redwood City. It’s in a really cool old building that was supposedly the site of a bar that Wyatt Earp used to frequent. I’m pretty excited about it. Tomorrow there’s a huge pow-wow on the Stanford campus that we’ll be going to after the race (for those that didn’t know, Rachel is part Choctaw Indian). Then after that i think we’re going to see a screening on The Searchers at the old Stanford Theatre. The irony of those two events back to back is not lost on me. On Sunday we’re going to a Giant (that’s a brand) Bike demo in the East Bay where we’ll get to ride some pretty sweet bikes. Giant sponsors my cycling club, so we get pretty good discounts on them. I’ve never ridden one, so i’m pretty excited to get the opportunity.

Anyone else going nuts over the Rocket-Lakers series. Holy crap. Game 3 is tonight. Can’t wait.

That’s all for now. I’ll post a race update when i get a chance.


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