Posted by: Travis | June 30, 2009

I’m still here!

Man, celebrities have been dropping like flies lately. I’ve been neglecting the blog because everything else has been pretty wild and fast paced lately, but fear not, i’m still here.

There have been some new developments on the housing front (a deal on a house we thought was a sure bet seems to have fallen apart, and one we thought had fallen apart may have been resurrected).  The computer i got after graduating from high school to last me through college final died after 6 noble years of service (a hell of a run for a computer), so we’re the proud owners of a new iMac. It’s pretty sweet. We went Hellyer Velodrome last Friday night to watch their annual ‘American Velodrome Challenge’ racing series which draws riders from all over the West Coast and even a few guys from the Midwest and East Coast. Needless to say, they were a hell of a lot faster than me. Many of the races saw speeds rarely dipping under 28-30mph. That’s freaking flying! It’s the end of the month and the quarter so i’m swamped at work writing progress reports, not to mention all the other stuff on my plate. Anyone see the US-Brazil game on Sunday? Rachel caught the game at our favorite sports bar. When the US went up 2-0, the place was going totally insane, we were on cloud 9. The rest of the game was like a punch in the gut. We walked the 8 blocks home in silence because there was just nothing to say. The bike training is back on track after being off the bike for 2 whole weeks with the wedding in Denver and then my back problems. I did a long (4 miles) climb yesterday after work and for the first time ever i felt better at the end of the climb than i did at the beginning. I put on a few lbs in the last few weeks, but i’m setting myself up to make a final push for the rest of the season. I’m pretty excited about that. To top everything off, Rachel and i are leaving at 6:30am Thursday morning for an extended weekend in Houston. As much as i’d love to get a real blog entry posted before then, let’s be honest, it ain’t happening. It’s going to be a great weekend though. We’ve got several groups of friends coming from Austin and San Antonio that we’re looking forward to seeing, as well as family and friends in Houston. Three days isn’t much time, but we’re going to do our best to see everyone, spend some quality time, do some fun stuff, go back to some of my favorite places, eat some good food, and probably sleep as little as possible.

Have fun this weekend folks. Eat some good food, see friends and family, and catch some fireworks if you get the chance.


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