Posted by: Travis | November 5, 2009

Man at Work

I’m way bogged down at work right now. We’ve got a big hardware deliverable for a contract due the week after Thanksgiving that we just got the specs for last week. That means we have 4.5 weeks to get this thing together. One week rapid fire design time + two weeks at the shop for the parts to get made + 1 week assembly/tuning/working out the kinks – (minus) 1 week for Thanksgiving, which is shot because no one is in the office at the same time and people are on vacation = oh crap. Add to that the handful of other projects i’ve been working on that have been stalled because i’m waiting on someone else for something, all of which the ball got bounced back in to my court in the few days surrounding the finalizing of the specs for the deliverable and suddenly the guy who was joyously crossing things off his to-do list that had been there for months because he didn’t have that much to work on is busy as hell again. Oh boy. Kind of a ‘when it rains it pours’ situation

I’m also trying to get back on the bike again and be a little more diligent about my winter training than i was last year. I hate riding the trainer and getting up before work to ride limits my time to an hour, and it can get cold enough that a warm bed and an extra hour of sleep occasionally wins against watching the sun come up as i ride in 40 degree weather. Damn you, convective heat transfer! This week i’ve been getting into the office between 5:30 and 6:00am so that i can leave around 2:30 and still get a decent ride in before the sun goes down. It’s been working pretty well, but i think i may limit that plan to 2 or 3 days a week so i don’t get totally burned out.

Anyway, i promised a blog entry about our weekend in Healdsburg, i just don’t have time right now to give the topic the attention it deserves. I’ve decided to let pictures tell the story. If a picture is worth a thousand words, then here are a few thousand words on Healdsburg:


Ridge Winery - Lytton Springs location


Processing shares a space with the tasting rooom at David Caffaro. Pretty cool, but the wines were so-so.


Food and wine pairings for a wine club harvest festival at Mounts Family Winery, which they let us jump in on. A mere $10 per person got us 6 wine tastings and 5 amuse bouche courses.


Cool old truck at Mounts Family.

together at mountswalk away


Downtown Healdsburg


Bar at Ad Hoc


Main Course at Ad Hoc


Ad Hoc Sign

For those that don’t know, Ad Hoc is Thomas Keller’s (of French Laundry fame) family-style comfort food restaurant…and it’s awesome. If you don’t feel like plunking down $350-$400 per person for food and wine pairings at the French Laundry, you can go to Ad Hoc and get some of Keller’s food in a much more laid back and casual (and less expensive) atmosphere. The food is simpler, but is still top notch.


Rachel's favorite road trip activity


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