Posted by: Travis | December 29, 2009

Christmas in Texas…..on hold

I took down the recent post about Christmas in Texas. In my post Christmas food coma, sitting in an airport in Phoenix for 3 hours, sucking down a Wendy’s frostie and bad chinese food (because hey, getting back to eating right doesn’t happen until Monday), all while dying to be home, i made some typos and got some of the details wrong. I hit the ‘publish’ button when i meant to hit the ‘save draft’ button. Anyway, i’m taking it down until i’ve got time to go through it and make sure everything is right. I’ll also add some pictures (we got some good ones) because i like how they break up a blog post and make it easier to read. So yeah, look for it to be back up sometime in the next few days (this weekend at the latest).

I’ve got two bike races this weekend (a hill climb and a crit). Not looking for a result at either, just trying to get back into the groove of racing. I should have reports up within a day or two following the race.


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