Posted by: Travis | February 25, 2010

In the thick of things

Okay, quick recap of last weekend:

Friday night we went to the Rice-Stanford baseball game. Can’t complain about $7 tickets. Stanford sports are growing on me big time, but have not (and will not!) eclipsed my love of college teams from the Lone Star State. For football and basketball my allegiance lies with the University of Texas. For baseball, it’s Rice. I didn’t go to either school, but that’s how it goes when you choose to go to a D-III school. Rachel and i regularly compare Rice and Stanford. They are both relatively small private colleges with beautiful, sprawling campuses, where academics trump all, but they maintain some decent sports programs, the hubris of the Ivy League schools is mostly absent, and the student bodies both have a whole lot of character. Out of the 1,000+ people that showed up, i was astonished that about half were Rice fans. I guess it makes sense that Rice grads would come out to Silicon Valley (or that people in the Bay Area would send their kids to Rice to avoid the overcrowded UC schools), but you see many more Texas bumper stickers around here than Rice stickers. After the 7th inning stretch, the Rice fans unexpectedly went straight into ‘Deep in the Heart of Texas’. Surprised as all hell, Rachel and i jumped in, and it was awesome. Rice lost (ended up getting swept in the weekend series). It’s looking like starting pitching could be an issue for them.

Saturday morning the alarm went off at 4:00am and we headed out to Squaw Valley (just Northwest of Lake Tahoe for a day of skiing). When we arrived around 8:30am, it looked like this:

And when we left around 3:30pm that afternoon, it looked like this (note: picture was taken from the exact same place, looking at the exact same terrain):

Crazy. The day was a hell of a lot of fun though.

That's Lake Tahoe in the back.

Squaw is a pretty awesome place. They hosted the winter olympics in 1960.

As usual, when you haven’t been skiing in something like 10 months, it takes a few runs to get your groove back.

But after about 30 minutes, we were back to having fun.

We stopped and took a break for lunch (frugal skier tip: bring your own food, food on the mountain is expensive and usually not very good; bring Tea bags too as hot water is usually less than 50 cents). We called Tyson (Rachel’s Dad) because he loves Squaw more than anyone i know, so he gets really giddy (checking weather, snow reports, ski conditions, etc), whenever we tell him that we’re going. He’s starting his triathlon training again and had me on the verge of falling out of my chair telling me about doing ‘stealth training’ behind the backs of his training buddies.

Around 3:30 we were getting really tired and the snow was really coming down. I wanted to get on the road back to the Bay Area ASAP because i was worried about road conditions and us not having chains. As with our previous close call last March, the Subie was in its element in the snow and handled like a champ.

The drive home was a little rough, having been up since 4:00am, but stops for a redbull and In-N-Out helped to lift morale.

Sunday i was registered for a bike race, but rain and temperatures in the low 50’s, combined with a notoriously sketchy course (not to mention feeling wrecked from saturday) had me thinking twice. I opted instead to sleep in and take the day to recover, take a nap, and get some stuff marked off the ever growing to-do list.

This week has been pretty busy at the office, but i just can’t stop thinking about Snelling on Saturday. It will be my first road race of the season (only my 3rd road race ever). It’s a monument on NorCal amateur bike racing (people call is a Spring Classic). This will be the 25th running of this race, and the course has been exactly the same all 25 years. How cool is that? Our team should have about 12 guys our of a field of 100, so i don’t see any reason we can’t get a good result. I’m not really looking for a result myself, just to gain some experience and help teammates. The weather forecast is looking like rain and temps in the 50’s. I’m really looking forward to 3 hours of suffering (really, that’s not sarcasm, i am), and hanging out in the pain locker for my teammates.

My 25th birthday is next weekend (March 7), so my parents are flying up/over from Houston and my brother is flying down from Portland for the weekend. Should be fun.

Rachel and i are in the process of working on a significant development (no we aren’t buying a house or getting married…yet). It’s something we’ve both been wanting to do for a while, and its looking like things are finally falling into place to bring this plan to fruition. I don’t want to make a big deal about it in the event that something falls through, but by mid next week i should be able to post some details, so check back next week for a race report and some juicy details on this development.

Have a good weekend.


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