Posted by: Travis | April 1, 2010

Flanders/Roubaix is coming!!!!!

I know i’ve sung this song before, but if you have any interest in bike racing, or have a cable package that includes the Versus channel and are looking for something to do the next two Sunday afternoons, do yourself a favor and watch the Tour of Flanders this Sunday and Paris-Roubaix next Sunday.

Last i checked, the forecast for Flanders on Sunday is for temps in the 40’s and rain, meaning the boys are going to be looking like this:

I know the word gets greatly over used in cycling, but it could really be an epic day.

While the Tour de France tends to favor the skinny guys, the spring classics favor the bigger, tougher, more powerful guys as they slug it out over 150+ miles of cobbled roads that are hundreds of years old.

Even though Versus has a tendency to be comically tone deaf when it comes to cycling that isn’t le Tour (hell, they are pretty tone deaf at the Tour too), they did a hell of a good job with this little video montage. Gives me goosebumps.

The blog The Service Course has even posted blog entries guiding you through your beverage choices while watching Flanders, as well has how to make proper Belgian frites.

My pic for the win? I’d love to see George Hincapie get it, but i think it comes down to Swissy Fabian Cancellara and Belgian Tom Boonen. The one that can inflict his will upon the other and avoids crashes/mechanicals gets the win. I’m tipping Cancellara, but only just.

If you want to read a little more about these races, see my post from last year here.

It’s gonna be an awesome Easter Sunday.



  1. My prediction? Pain.
    -C. Lang.

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