Posted by: Travis | May 22, 2010

Race Report: Golden State Race Series Crit (Rancho Cordova, CA, 5/22/2010)

Race: Golden State Race Series Day 1, Crit (E4)
Location:Rancho Cordova, CA
Date: May 22, 2010
Result: Pack finish (53rd of 68)
Course: 0.9 mile loop with decent pavement and 5 right turns
Weather: Clear and warm, a little windy
Teammates: None

Today’s race was just a big heaping pile of meh. Sat in for the first 3-4 laps to learn the course because on my sole recon lap i was daydreaming and not scouting the course or the wind direction like i should have.

After the first few laps i decided that my legs were feeling okay and it was time to start moving up. I jumped up the side on a straight-away (into the wind, accidentally). The pace was slow up the straight away so i just kept taking spots until i was sitting in the top 10 and tucked in. After the next turn someone decided to put it in the gutter and i lost a few places because my legs hadn’t recovered yet from moving up.

About 5 laps in my bottle was making a lot of noise, so i decided to toss my empty bottle (from my warm up, which i forgot to take off before the race) to Rachel and move my full bottle to the other cage, except that when i tried to put it in the cage, i missed and it fell to the ground. Then i hit a bump funny and kind of racked myself with my saddle, leaving me a little dizzy and out of it for half a lap.

Dazed and confused (notice the missing bottle in the front cage, empty bottle (from my warm up) in the back cage.

At that point i was spending most of my time on the outside of the group and was seeing way too much wind, so i slowly moved to the inside and decided to sit in and recover for a few laps. The pace was pretty inconsistent. None of the teams had enough horse power to really control the race, so someone would really string it out for a lap or so, then the pace would fall down and we’d be all bunched up curb to curb across the road.

With 4 laps to go i had recovered from my bone-headedness earlier in the race and was starting to feel pretty good. There was a whole lot of swarming going on, so it was hard to tell where you were in the pack at a given time. In the last two laps the pace really picked up. I struggled a little as my legs just didn’t have much pop coming out of corners.

As we went through the back straight on the last lap 3 and 4 man leadout trains were just starting to form, which should have been going on a lap or two before that. These guys were taking some pretty serious risks to get their guy up to the front, including one group in the middle that decided to hit the brakes, let the group go buy, and then work their way up the side. Yeah, couldn’t make that up if i tried. I decided to just roll in with the group and live to race another day. Without any pop in the legs i wouldn’t have been able to do much in the sprint anyway.

I routinely have great legs the day after a hard crit, so hopefully tomorrow’s circuit race will go well.


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