Posted by: Travis | July 24, 2010

The Stars at Night, Are Big and Bright, *clap* *clap* *clap*, Deep in the Heart of Texas

It’s been a long time since a wrote anything here that didn’t have a damn thing to do with bike racing. So i promise, from here until the end of this post, i will refrain from even typing the word bicycle (or any variant thereof).

No really.

Save for a few hiccups (the loss of a couple of driver’s licenses, some cash, and a nice pair of sunglasses in the Comal river, along with the glaring absence of a certain Ms. Susan Lackey), last weekend was just about perfect.

Rachel and i took off work Friday and Monday for a long weekend in Texas for the wedding of our friend Matt to his girlfriend, i guess now his wife, Jenna. But since our trips back to the homeland are pretty limited, we like to do things pretty big when we do get back, this time was no exception.

We hit a favorite restaurant from college and a new (to us) ice house style place called the Cove, before going over to our friend Liz’s place to hang out on Friday night.

Saturday Rachel, Katie, and i drove up to Austin to hangout with our friends Alex and Ami (Alex was my roommate all 4 years of college, Ami always lived nearby and is now his girlfriend). We hit a farmer’s market, did some swimming at the always incredible Barton Springs, then hit Jeff Blank’s Mighty Cone for some food before having to head back to San Antonio to get dressed up for the wedding.

The wedding went off without a hitch. It’s always a mixed bag to watch your friends get married. You couldn’t be happier for them, but it’s also a reality check that we’re all grown up now, and our social circle is now split up all over the country, and you’re lucky if you get to see old friends once a year at the occasional wedding. We do our best to just enjoy the time we have together and not harp on how it requires a plane ticket and use of vacation time to see each other.

Sunday a group of us met up in New Braunfels to float the Comal river. Take a bunch of friends on a hot day and put them in a cold river for a couple of hours with a cooler stocked full of Shiner Bock and some delicious snacks? It just doesn’t get any better than that.

After some down time in San Antonio upon returning from New Braunfels, we headed out for dinner at another favorite restaurant in San Antonio, Rosarios. It’s tough to find a good frozen margarita in NorCal, so Rosarios hit the spot.

Monday morning we hit Taco Taco, a popular spot with Trinity students, and home of some of the best breakfast tacos you’ll ever eat (really). Damn, i miss that place.

I had a bit of business to take care of on campus (my company partnered with the Trinity Engineering department on a project this year), which ended up included lunch with a professor and some students doing research over the summer.

Then, before we knew it, it was time to pack our bags, grab a quick dinner, and head out to the airport for the ride home.

Visits back to Texas always feel too short. There’s just something about the state that feels like home. There were too many moments to count over the weekend where i remember thinking that there was no place at rather be than in this place, with these people, doing what we were doing at that moment.

On Friday night after dinner we went to this funky bar/restaurant/icehouse/car wash/laundramat/hippie commune/ice cream shop called The Cove that unbeknownst to me was around while we were in college. It was 90 degrees and muggy (at 10pm), we were sitting outside while some band inside riffed on southern rock covers that oozed out through the thin walls and the cracks in the windows. A few kids behind us played ping pong and the ball kept rolling under our table, only to have one of the kids try to dive under the table to retrieve it a few seconds later. This is more of a neighborhood spot than a bar for the young and hip, so there were families all over the place. I was sitting there at a picnic table with Rachel catching up with the girls she lived with in college (so i’m the only guy), with a cold Shiner Bock in my hands, sweating through my shirt, feeling the beads of sweat roll down my back, occasionally having to swat away flies and mosquitoes. I had every reason to be completely miserable, never more sure that by heading out to California we weren’t missing anything. But the truth was, i was in heaven. There was absolutely no place i would have rather been.

That same experience happened over, and over, and over again throughout the weekend.

Going into work Tuesday morning after getting in around midnight on Monday was a little rough, but if that’s what it takes to have a great trip, then i’ll take it every time.

It’s getting late, so i’m going to upload some pictures and call it a night.

Beto's - Killer empanadas

At The Cove

Popsicles at the 6th and Guadalupe Farmer's Market in Austin

Barton Springs - reason #78658578765 why Austin kicks ass

Rachel: "I've got my boy, a mighty cone, a chopped beef bbq sandwich, a blue bell milk shake, and chili dusted fries. THIS is my heaven!" Indeed.

Killing time before the wedding

Catching up with Ben and Hailey

Like reliving senior year of college in a single weekend

Floating the Comal

Hot day, cold river, friends, cold beer, good snacks, what else could you ask for?


I'm happy to report that the frozen margarita with salt is alive and well in Texas




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