Posted by: Travis | November 29, 2010

Where ya been?

It’s been a whopping 28 days since my last post in this space, and that’s just no good.

During that time i’ve been pretty active on Twitter, but haven’t had time for much more than 140 characters. If this blog isn’t doing enough to scratch your itch, head on over to my Twitter page for updates on whatever might be going on in my life.

Since my last post we’ve been pretty busy, so here’s a quick update with pictures:

Giants World Series Parade

A few weeks ago the San Francisco Giants went on a miraculous run that ended in them winning the World Series. It wasn’t quite as cool as if the Astros had won in their brush with the WS in 2005, but Rachel and i definitely found ourselves with a bad case of Giants fever. Our friend Caroline, Rachel, and I decided to take off work to go to the parade up in SF. It was really crowded, but a damn good time.

ASU-USC Tailgate

A few weekends ago, after promising for years to go down and tailgate with some die-hard USC fan friends of ours, Rachel and I finally made good on our promise and made the trip down to tailgate the USC-ASU game with the Malotte clan. Their oldest son, Tyler, married a USC grad, and their middle son, Chris, is going to ASU for grad school right now, so it made for some fun trash talk. In modern tailgater fashion, we tailgated, then opted to go home and watch the game on tv (in HD) instead of actually going to the game.

Rachel and i have longed talked about how we loved going to school at Trinity, but sometimes we lament that there wasn’t a developed Division I sports scene at Trinity (like UT Austin, for example). Let’s just say that the tailgating scene at USC was beyond insane. We both walked away having had fun, but glad we didn’t have that going on every weekend when we were in school. It would have been a little much to do every single weekend.

Marathon finishers!

Last weekend Rachel, her college friends Stacy, and Katy, and Stacy’s friend Leslie, all finished the Philadelphia marathon. We decided to make a longer weekend of it, arriving Friday afternoon and leaving Monday afternoon. We had never been to Philly before, but have been talking for a few years about wanting to go there and check it out.

We missed getting to hook up with my aunt that lives outside of Philly, but were still able to have a great time. We found that Philly is a pretty fun city, and has many of the same traits as other larger northeastern cities. Outside of running 26.2 (or watching people run 26.2, as was the case with me), we did a lot of this:

When in Philly...

Altogether, it was a really fun trip. We missed out on some of the historical stuff because we overestimated the mobility of four marathon running girls the day after the race, but that’s okay. We’ll just have to get back there at some point to see Lori and hit Independence Hall.

With the trip to Philly right before Thanksgiving, we opted to skip going home this year, and had a great Thanksgiving with friends here in town. To be honest, having 4 days to be mellow and decompress a little bit has been really nice. Kind of a different take on Thanksgiving for us. It’s the first time that we haven’t been home, which felt kind of strange.

We’ve decided we’re going to road trip it back down south for Christmas, splitting time between Oklahoma and Texas, that way we can take bikes and Cooper with us. I’m really looking forward to it. We won’t have to board Cooper, i love a good road trip, we can play our schedule by ear, and we’ll get to spend a decent amount of time in both Texas and Oklahoma with some people we haven’t seen in far too long. It’s wild to think that this trip is only a few weeks away.

Outside of all that, it’s just the normal stuff going on. I’ve been back on the bike for a little over a month now, building base fitness for next racing season. Once again, i’m doubling down on my training this year. I’ll be upping my training volume again, along with paying closer attention to my diet, and increased discipline when it comes to doing intervals (thanks to my Garmin Edge 500). Hopefully the result will be a leaner, faster, stronger Travis on the bike. I can tell you that right now my enthusiasm and commitment for the bike is higher than it’s ever been.

That’s about all for now. Hopefully i’ll post again before Christmas.

Happy holidays y’all!


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