Posted by: Travis | April 9, 2011

‘Live Like a Pro’ Wednesday (and other musings)

There hasn’t been much action on this blog the last few weeks. With the new job at Palo Alto Bicycles (working a full 40 hours rather than the old 10-15 per week), i’ve pretty much been working, riding, eating, and sleeping, with little time for anything else. It’s been great though. I don’t have any concerns over job security like i did at the previous place, and i get to sit around all day and talk about bikes. How cool is that?

One of the great things about my job is the schedule. Most days i don’t have to be there until the store opens at 10:00am, which gives me time to join in on the local morning ride, and still have time for a shower, a cup of coffee, a recovery shake, and a dog walk before i have to be at work. Most everyone at the shop has to work one weekend day a week. That sounds like kind of a raw deal, but it actually works out quite nicely. I’ve got my schedule set up so i get Wednesdays and Saturdays off. Since Rachel’s at work on Wednesday, and i have no other responsibilities, i’ve been getting up with her and then setting out on really long rides, getting home just before she does. Saturdays i can use to race (like i did today), or hang out with Rachel and the Coopster.

Last Wednesday i did a 95 miles ride over to the East Bay. In the summer the East Bay tends to be hot and dry. The grass dries and turns brown (the golden state). Riding over there in the summer can be a challenge. April, on the other hand, especially after the wet spring we’ve had, is the perfect time to go for a ride in the East Bay. Here are a few pictures i snapped with my iPhone (i used the standard camera app, so these pictures did not go through a filter):

Calaveras Road

Calaveras Reservoir

Calaveras Road just before descending into Milpitas

Sierra Road is one hell of a tough climb. It climbs up beautiful open hills that sit above San Jose.

After cresting Sierra Road, you descend back East toward Calaveras reservoir.

It was a ridiculously beautiful ride. The only problem was that i crossed the bridge in the morning before the wind came up. This lead to a pretty nasty cross/head wind on the way home. On the way out it took me 90 minutes to get from home to Sunol, but it took 150 on the way back from Sunol home (even though Sunol is significantly uphill from Palo Alto).

This afternoon i did the Turlock Lake Road Race out East of Merced (near where Snelling was). It was the first race i had done since Snelling. I’ve been riding a lot, but my travel and work schedules have kept me from doing any racing the last month or so. The main goal was to get some race miles in the legs before Copperopolis in 2 weeks. This was the first time this race had ever been run, so everyone went in a bit blind. It ended up being a great course, even if our race had a lot of monkey business going on in the way of people not being able to ride their bikes. the course was pretty constantly up and down and more climby than i expected. Luckily, the climbs were all very short, and i’m in reasonably good shape, so i didn’t have too much trouble. Going into the finish none of the teams wanted to control things, so we came into the final 2k pretty slow and taking up the whole width of the road (races are safer when strung out, dangerous when bunched up). I couldn’t help but think about the transitional state of my health care as i move from one job to the other and not knowing for sure what the current state of my coverage is. Given that, i opted to sit back, sprint if given the chance (i was, but had to jump on the brakes a few times as spent guys flew back through the group), and roll through near the back of the group. It was a fun race, and the course was great, but i was really just happy to have gotten a decent workout in and gotten back to the car without a crash. Hopefully i’ll get a race report up sometime soon.

Tomorrow (Sunday) is Rachel’s birthday. We’re planning to get up and cook up a breakfast taco feast. We and a bunch of our friends also got Giants tickets. I’m scheduled to work, but i’m hoping to get off a little early and get up to the game in time to catch some of the action.

The bike race Paris-Roubaix also happens tomorrow in Northern France. the Versus network will be showing a glorious 3 full hours of coverage starting at 7pm Eastern. Tune it. It should be a great race.

I hope everyone has a great weekend.

Here’s my current plan for upcoming entries. Don’t count on them being written though:

  • Snelling RR report
  • PDX tour of gluttony
  • ATX wedding planning / SXSW trip
  • Turlock Lake RR Report

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