Posted by: Travis | July 19, 2011

Road Trippin’

So far, so good on the road trip.

The first night we made it to Salt Lake City and stayed with some friends. In my life time i’ve heard far more negative things about SLC than positive, so my expectations were pretty low. After dinner, we got a little driving tour of the city, and i’ve got to say, it was a lot cooler than i expected. That said, the drive through the top of Nevada was just dreadful. Not that anything happened, there’s just nothing there, not even anything to look at.

The next night we stayed in Steamboat Springs, CO. I’ve been skiing there in the winter, but never been in the summer. Despite stopping to watch the women’s world cup final, we made it to Steamboat in time to grab a leisurely dinner at the brewery on the main drag, and walk around a bit. It is such a cool town. Monday morning we stopped by Moots, the company that made my bike for a factory tour. It was staggering how much attention they pay to the details, and was certainly confirmation that a Moots was the right bike to buy. I might be hooked for life.

We left Moots around 11:30 and the plan was to get as far into Kansas as we could. The drive from Steamboat to Denver (US-40, CO-9, I-70) was gorgeous. After that… not so much. We got to the junction on I-70 and I-35 and started heading south toward Oklahoma. We were both feeling good, so we decided to push on. We stopped for food and gas just south of Wichita, KS around 11:30 and realized that we were close enough to Rachel’s parents’ house in Oklahoma, that we might as well push on, and leave ourselves zero driving for Tuesday (today). So push on we did. We arrived at 2:30am, so the rest day is a welcome one.

Tomorrow (Wednesday), we’ll sleep in a bit, then head south, stopping in Dallas for In-N-Out (not a typo, Houston had better be coming soon, Trader Joe’s would be nice too), and then make the last push to our final destination of Houston in time for a glutinous Tex-Mex dinner and huge celebratory frozen margaritas with the fam. Can’t wait.

Since ‘Life in Silicon Valley’ no longer describes our life, this will likely be my last post on this blog. My first posts here detailed our road trip out to California, so i think it’s fitting that my last post details our trip back to Texas. I may start another blog sometime in the future, but as a law student i won’t be able to write the long and well thought-out (yeah right…) blog posts that i wrote here.

I won’t be going totally off-line though. In the short term, you can follow what’s going on in our lives through my twitter feed (

Twitter is limited to 140 characters, so for stuff that’s longer than that, i’ll be using my Tumblr feed, Tumbling with Travis ( I signed up for Tumblr a long time ago and didn’t really use it much, because for things longer than 140 characters, i just defaulted to the blog, but now that i won’t be blogging, i think Tumblr will be a good alternative and i should be using it a lot more.

Thanks for following the blog the last four years! We had a fantastic four years in California and are sad to be leaving, but thrilled to be going back to Texas, which has always felt like home to us.

Happy trails!


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