About this Blog…

Basically, im a a kid from Texas who graduated from Trinity University in May of 2007 and took a job with an aerospace start-up company in Silicon Valley. My girlfriend, Rachel, and i drove up here about a week after graduation in huge uhaul (24 foot truck plus a 15 foot trailer to tow my car) filled with everything we own, towing my car behind it. We stayed at the homes of friends the whole way to keep costs down and never stopped for a meal, only gas. The first day we drove 18 hours to Pheonix, the second day 12 hours to Cayucos (central california coast), the third day 4 hours to Belmont. We stayed with Rachel’s aunt and uncle in Belmont until we found an apartment in Palo Alto, near Stanford. Rachel then went back home so that she could go to Europe for the summer. I started work right off the bat and began the task of figuring out and learning a new place by myself. Where the good places to eat are, where the good bike shops are, grocery stores, places to ride bikes, farmer’s markets, surf shops and places to go surfing, music stores and live music venues, where people play pick up soccer, basketball, softball, and beach volleyball on the weekend (thats pretty much who i am: biking, surfing, food, music, and sports.)

Now Rachel has joined me and we’re having a blast trying to figure this place out.

My blog covers any topic that i might find interesting. Food and bicycle racing are the things i write about most, but i also touch on traveling, politics, music, surfing, running, and any number of other subjects that i have an opinion on.

This is my story, for anyone that wants to hear it, about being young and alive, working for what you want, taking chances because you can, working hard, and having fun. With amazing bike rides out my back door, surfing 1/2 an hour away, Yosimite 4 hours away, skiing 4 hours away, living in a small, laid back town, how could i not be having fun?

I’ve categorized all my blog entries so that you can scroll down to the bottom of the blog page and only read the entries about topics you want to read. I think if you want to subscribe to the blog you can hit the “subscribe” button on the right and it will send you an email whenever i update. Im not sure on that, but i think thats how it works. Hope you enjoy it.

– Travis



  1. Yeah, sounds great. Only “Cayucos” has no “o” in the middle syllable, and “Stanford” has no “d” in the middle. If you’re going to live in California you need to know these things. And I can say this because, yes, Luke, “I am your father!”

  2. Trav……………an outlet mall?????………Rachel must be the ONE! the lucky one!

    Miss you,

  3. I sent this to your mom. I hope it helps.


    I read Travis’ blog from time to time. Why don’t you guy’s belly up and buy him a new bike.

    He seems like a good kid. He is even engaged. Do a crown and help his dream.

    I wish my kids liked me a tenth of what your kids like you and your husband. Yes, I spoiled them, and I am now paying the price.



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